H Street Corridor Homes for Sale

The H Street Corridor Washington DC is an up-and-coming neighborhood with much to offer residents. The H Street Corridor was once one of Washington DC’s busiest and earliest commercial districts. It was the location of the first Sears Roebuck in DC, as well as many other stores. However, after World War II, the area started to see a decline. After the 1968 riots, many of the buildings were boarded up and forgotten about. For the next few decades, H Street Corridor was an undesirable area with a high crime rate. In 2002, initiatives began to revitalize the neighborhood. One of the first projects was to refurbish the art-deco 1930s Atlas Theater. As the initiative began to see progress, H Street Corridor homes for sale gained attention from buyers.

Today, the Atlas Theater, a popular arts complex, is one of the anchors to the H Street Corridor – so much so that the area is sometimes referred to as the Atlas District. H Street Corridor homes for sale are now in high demand as businesses flock to the revitalized neighborhood. There are many restaurants, dance clubs, bars, and music venues in H Street Corridor – drawing many young professionals. H Street Corridor Washington DC has truly seen a renaissance of sorts.

Another neighborhood within Washington DC seeing major revitalization is Trinidad, located just north of H Street Corridor homes for sale. Located in Ward 5 in the Northeast quadrant of DC, the largely residential area of Trinidad was once very similar to the H Street Corridor neighborhood – undesirable and crime-ridden. Today, Trinidad real estate is gaining momentum as new businesses are coming to the area. Many young professionals are moving to the area, and it is becoming a hip and desirable area to live. To view homes for sale in H Street Corridor and Trinidad Washington DC, view the mapping tool above or contact me today!

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