Homes for Sale in Ballston

For buyers searching for an urban atmosphere within Arlington County, Ballston real estate may be the answer. Situated directly south of I-66 in Arlington VA, Ballston has a big city feel with tall office and residential buildings, fine restaurants, luxury hotels, and busy sidewalks. Ballston serves as a major transportation hub, being home to the Ballston-MU Station on the Orange Line of the Metrorail. Beautiful high rise apartments in Ballston VA scatter the urban village, while traditional Arlington-style townhomes are prevalent as well. Some may even say that Ballston boasts the best townhomes in Arlington County. As the high population density tapers off from the center of Ballston, more and more single family homes can be found, as well as spacious parks and schools.

Because Ballston is in such a prime location, many businesses call the community home, including several United States Government agencies like the US Coast Guard, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the National Science Foundation. In addition to government agencies, there are many government contractors, high tech companies, and non-profits located in Ballston as well.

There are many things to do in Ballston. Located only a few blocks from the Metrorail station is the Ballston Common Mall. As one of the first malls built in the Washington DC area, it now hosts several restaurants, shops, and a 12-screen movie theater. The mall has four levels, and even features two full-size ice rinks on the eighth level of the parking garage. There are many events in the area to keep residents busy and social. For example, Ballston VA hosts the annual Taste of Arlington Food Festival, which has been held every Spring since 1987.

Ballston is known for being a very walkable area. Many residents do not own cars and walk to work. There are also many bike paths and bike-friendly lanes. If you are interested in Ballston real estate, use the mapping tool above, or contact us today.


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