landscape design ideas

Landscaping Can Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’ve been watching HGTV or reading some housing magazines, you have probably heard of the term “curb appeal”. The fact is, first impressions matter both in love and in real estate. Good landscaping and gardening may sway a potential buyer’s decision. How much it affects their opinion can depend on factors like the original
Buy or Sell First If You Are Moving

How to Transition From One Home to Another

  If you are planning to sell your home and then buy another, which one of these should you do first? If you choose to sell first, you will be under time pressure to find another house (possibly quickly) and you might end up settling for less, overpaying, or possibly stuffing yourself along with all
What Is The Benefit of Buying a REO Property

What Is An REO Property?

REO stands for “real-estate owned”.  When a bank owned property is repossessed by the lender due to the previous owner’s failure to cover incumbent mortgage obligations, the property is foreclosed and put up for public auction.  If the home doesn’t manage to sell during the bidding process, then it is considered REO. For savvy investors